Ohio Law {ORC 5713.01} requires that a County Auditor updates the market value of every property in the county every 3 years. From that requirement, there is an appraisal of value completed, and as such, we are to visit every property in the county. When we visit your home, we reappraise based on property upgrades, improvements, or depreciations. This type of appraisal is called a “Revaluation”. It is completed every 6 years.

Our last “Revaluation” was done in 2017. As stated above, it is time for the 3- year data analysis. This valuation is called a “Triennial” update. During this time, this update included analyzing sales data in Preble County from years 2017, 2018, and 2019. (Triennial update) It has been the practice of the Auditor’s office to value property at approximately 90% of the 100% value of the property. We have historically handled the percentages this way in hopes that we strive not to over tax the property owner.

After completing our analysis in early June of this year, our office submitted what we thought was a good percentage to the State Tax Commissioner, hoping for approval. We submitted according Preble County sales data activity, and believed based on that information, we requested the state to increase our percentages on residential property at 10.5%. The State has since denied this request, and has suggested that we increase residential properties to 18%. In our opinion, this percentage is over what our data analysis is suggesting.

It is our goal to hold this increase to an average under 15%, however, the State will obviously have to agree to our findings in order for us to avoid the larger percentage increase of 18%. We are working diligently to try to hold that percentage down.

Because of our dispute with the State, unfortunately, this will cause our property values to be unavailable on our website, until we get a percentage approval, or an “order” from The State Department of Taxation.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Sean Maggard at 937-456-8131 or smaggard@prebco.org.

I appreciate the confidence that you have shown in me, and I am honored to serve you. If you would like to speak to me directly, you are also welcome to call my office at 937-456-8148.


Lavon Wright, Preble County Auditor

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Preble County Auditor Open To Public
Sep 02 2020
Welcome to the Preble County Auditor’s Office Web Site!
May 15 2020

As an elected official, I believe my most important duty is to serve you, the people of Preble County. Thus, probably the most important feature of this web site is the wide range of services that can be obtained here. Another advantage of the web site is that, unlike the County offices, web sites have no office hours. Information on the home page will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This will enable those people who cannot get to our office during the traditional office hours to access information they need.

Fraudulent Dog Licenses
May 15 2020

Lavon Wright, Preble County Auditor, became aware of a scam concerning the purchase of fraudulent dog license through an online website.

The bogus website claims you can purchase a dog license that covers the entire State of Ohio, but it does not give you a link to Preble County. It also claims to give senior citizens a discount. This is a scam.

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