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Preble County

Weights and Measures

The Auditor is the Sealer of Weights and Measures for the entire County, thus protecting the general public and seller/retailer from the possible loss which may occur from faulty measuring devices, such as scales and pumps. The Auditor is charged with the responsibility of insuring that all State laws relating to weights and measures are strictly enforced. Sealers also perform "spot-checks" on prepackaged items to test the weight of the contents and test check-out scanning devices for pricing accuracy. County sealers are certified by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. If you are going into business or you are already in business and will be using a weighing or measuring device, please contact our office for more information. These services are performed to insure the consumer is getting the quantity shown on the measuring device. If you believe a gas pump or scale did not perform properly for the goods you received, please contact the Preble County Auditor’s Office, Weights & Measures Division at 937-456-8131.

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