Preble County

Lavon Wright

Preble County Auditor
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Address:Preble County Auditor
101 East Main Street
P.O. Box 361
Eaton, Ohio 45320-0361
Phone: (937) 456-8148
Fax: (937) 456-8108
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00AM-4:00PM


“Due to the recent storms, I want to take the opportunity to reach out to our property owners to inform you that you need to notify my office if you’ve had damage or destruction to your improvements so that we can have accurate values of your property”.

“If your property sustained any damage or was destroyed due to fire, flood, this most recent storm, intentional demolition (all to structures), you may qualify for a temporary or partial reduction in the value of the damaged portion of your home or structure by filing a DTE Form 26."

"You must file by December 31 for property that was damaged or destroyed in the first nine months of the year. For property damaged in the last three months of the year, the filing deadline is January 31 of the following year."

"The instructions for completing this Form are on my website or in the office. There is a table for percentages for total destruction that will be followed, and your situation may be unique. Please stop in or call if you have questions."

Please Cick Here to obtain FORM DTE 26, or you can contact my office with questions or concerns (Contact information is at the top of this page).

A message from your Preble County Auditor:

As Preble County Auditor and on behalf of my staff, I, Lavon Wright, would personally like to welcome you to the Preble County Auditor’s Office Web Site!

As an elected official, I believe my most important duty is to serve you, the people of Preble County. Thus, probably the most important feature of this web site is the wide range of services that can be obtained here. Another advantage of the web site is that, unlike the County offices, web sites have no office hours. Information on the home page will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This will enable those people who cannot get to our office during the traditional office hours to access information they need.

As County Auditor, my responsibilities are varied and extensive. I am the chief fiscal officer for the county as well as the tax valuation assessor. It is my job to see that the funds of Preble County are spent legally and that tax revenues are distributed properly, but I do not audit anyone. The Auditor of State has that responsibility. As tax valuation assessor, I am required to have each parcel of real estate valued at market value every six years. The Ohio Tax Commissioner typically orders a statistical adjustment three years later based on actual market sales in our County.

Our office processes various license applications on behalf of the State of Ohio, most notably dog license, as well as vendor license and retail cigarette license. We also administer several property tax reduction programs such as homestead and current agricultural use valuation.

As the county sealer of weights and measures, I protect both buyers and sellers by maintaining equity in the marketplace and can save the average household up to hundreds of dollars each year. Gas pumps or grocery store scales are inspected to make sure you get the quantity of the product you paid for. Look for the inspection seal.

I sincerely believe this web site will provide yet another valuable avenue for information to flow between my office and the people of Preble County.

Lavon Wright
Preble County Auditor

2010 Flood Zones can be accessed through the mapping section of the website. Select the Map link under "Property Search"

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NOTE: Property Tax payments can be made through this site. Go to your property information, Tax tab and Balance then follow the prompts.

Download Tax Year 2016 Tax Rates Here.

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